“Welcome To Summer” Surprise For The Kids: Kiddie Pool Full Of Sand Plus Beach and Outside Toys!

It’s Summer!!  Woot! Woot!

On the last day of school (for my 4th grader… my PreK-er got out almost a week earlier), I had a WELCOME TO SUMMER surprise waiting!

Welcome To Summer Surprise For Kids - Kiddie Pool Filled With Beach and Outside ToysOur outside toys had become more than a little worse for wear and I recently tossed A LOT of them.  😮  Making room for new summer toys!

A lot of the items I bought for $1 (LOVE me some Dollar Tree!), but there were a few things I paid a little more for… the kiddie pool, sand (it is hard to see, but there is play sand in the kiddie pool – a DIY that’s much cheaper than the turtle sandbox, but there’s no lid), bubble blower, sidewalk chalk, and the big snake pool float (a consignment sale find, I think it was $4).

A few of the items were around $3: badmitton set (Walmart), pirate ship beach playset (Dollar General), and the super large Frisbee-like toy (Walmart).  The Summer Lovin’ sign was $4 from Five and Under, but that was for me.  😉

My favorite Dollar Tree item is the large green basket in the middle of the kiddie pool.  It is LARGE and has a handle.  Perfect for beach toys!

The Nerf bullets are from Wish.  I don’t remember exactly how much they were, but I got a large amount for really cheap.  I also bought foam “cans” to shoot from them, too ($1 for 6).

I also bought a few balls, but they wouldn’t fit in the kiddie pool, so I threw them in the trampoline.

Trampoline with Balls - Part of Welcome To Summer Surprise For Kids

That’s somewhat of a summary of what I purchased for our surprise, but you can include any fun, summer toys.  I collected items over a period of time, so I didn’t feel the pinch buying it all at once.  😉

Eyeing the playhouse in the far background of the trampoline pic, I’m thinking it is due for an overhaul.  I’ll let yall know if I get brave enough to tackle it! 

My boys are very excited about the beginning of Summer Break and are enjoying the new toys:

DIY Sandbox With Kiddie Pool - Welcome To Summer Surprise For KidsFun Play - Welcome To Summer Surprise For KidsTrampoline Play - Welcome To Summer Surprise For Kids

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