Bubble Science For Kids

Why do bubbles always come in the shape of a circle? This might be a good question to ask your kids the next time they want to play with bubbles outside. For instance, if you used something other than the bubble wand they give you, could you make a different shaped bubble? Asking questions like these about the world can never begin too early, and getting kids to make hypotheses and to experiment is the foundation of science.

Have your kids explore that question while they rifle through your kitchen drawers looking for bubble-making implements. Encourage them to think about which utensils would make what kind of shaped bubble and which wouldn’t make a bubble at all. Then pour some soap into a tray with water and experiment to see if the kids are right!

What You Need:

  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Flat pan or tray to hold soapy water

What You Do:

  1. Pour some dish soap into the tray with water. Agitate the water carefully until the soap is incorporated but not too sudsy.
  2. Let the kids choose which utensils they think will make bubbles. Don’t let them go near the dangerous ones, but do let them explore in the kitchen (even if they pick a wooden spoon.) Part of the fun is seeing which ones work and which ones don’t.
  3. Have them try dipping the utensils into the soapy water, pulling them out, and blowing on the open spaces to create bubbles. Try a fork, a slotted spoon or a strainer. Talk about why some work and some don’t. What does that tell you about bubbles? Your kids will never look at a bubble the same way again!

Once they’ve rifled through your kitchen supplies, you might want to take out a few tried-and-true bubble makers. Straws, the plastic that holds a six-pack of soda together, or canning jar rings all work well. Or let your child come up with some ideas of his own!

Article courtesy of education.com.  

Blackberry Picking At BD Berries Farm

The boys and I recently enjoyed a blackberry picking excursion at BD Berries U-Pick Blackberry Farm in Patterson, GA.

BD Berries U-Pick Blackberry Farm Patterson GA RooneyPartyof4
The boys carefully choosing their blackberries!

Located in South Georgia, it is convenient to the North Florida and South Georgia areas, whether you are local to the area, passing through, or vacationing nearby.

BD Berries U-Pick Blackberry Farm Patterson GA Offers 3 Varieties RooneyPartyof4
Picture courtesy of BD Berries

I remember picking wild blackberries as a child, eating them right off the vine.  Since none grow around our house the boys have not had this pleasure.

June is their blackberry picking season, and we were fortunate enough to learn about them in time to visit on one of the last picking days of the season (thankfully, not missing it!).  It was our first time berry / fruit picking and we really enjoyed it.

BD Berries offers three varieties of blackberries: Osage, Natchez, and Oachita.  The boys and I carefully tasted each one.  Oachita reminded Banan of the blackberries we bought at the grocery store; Natchez was the least sweet; and Osage tasted the sweetest and was therefore our choice.  Tastes vary, of course!  If you go, be sure to taste each one yourself to find your personal favorite.

We only gathered about 2 pounds since it was just before our vacation and we had to eat or take with us all that we picked.

Next season, I may look into more advantageous uses and recipes!

BD Berries U-Pick Blackberry Farm Patterson GA Scrumptious Delights RooneyPartyof4
Picture courtesy of BD Berries

BD Berries Blackberry Farm is very reasonable at $3 per pound u-pick or $20 for a pre-picked 4.5 pound flat.

Like the BD Berries Facebook page for updates on blackberry picking season and treat yourself to some family fun and yummy delights!