Tinker Bell’s Pumpkin Party Halloween Printables

Tinker Bell and her friends want to share their Pumpkin Party kit, with a recipe, craft, and pumpkin carving stencil, as well as some Fall tips & facts with you!

These fun, Pumpkin Party printables include the following:

* Party Cakes Recipe
* DIY Fairy Wings
* Tinker Bell Lantern aka pumpkin stencil


The change in the colors of the leaves tells us that fall is here. It’s the end of the growing season. This time of year can be quite busy for gardening, as many plants over-flower and leaf litter can spread throughout your garden.


Pixie Hollow, home of Tinker Bell and her friends, is a magical place, filled with many colorful flowers and trees. It is not surprising that so many fairies live there! Tinker Bell’s close friend, Rosetta, is a garden fairy whose talent is nurturing plants and flowers.

This guide looks at simple ways of making and maintaining your very own Pixie Hollow garden. Ask a grown-up to help you follow Rosetta’s top seasonal gardening tips!

  • Collect seeds from flowers and keep them safe, ready to plant next year!
  • Notice how the leaves on the plants change from green to bright yellows, reds and oranges before they drop to the ground.
  • Collect some of the dropped petals from the summer roses, put them on a folded piece ofpaper and make a flower press by compressing the paper between two heavy books.
  • Clear away old vegetation to make room for new growth. Pile this in the corner of your garden. It will become a compost heap after all the plants decompose. Later, you can use the mulch for feeding new growth in the garden.
  •  Be careful when you clear the ground as some animals and insects might be making their home for the winter there


At the beginning of fall, days start to get shorter and the nights draw colder. But it isn’t all doom and gloom, as this season can be one of the most beautiful…

  • When fall draws closer, chlorophyll, found in all plants, is no longer needed, and is discarded. Chlorophyll keeps plants green and when it is no longer present, other colors emerge, bursting with vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. Nothing can match the way the sunlight shines through these golden hues, as Iridessa, Tinker Bell’s friend the light fairy well knows.
  • When leaves fall and decompose on the soil, they release their minerals back into the earth providing nutrition to the tree from which they fell.
  • Nuts and seeds become readily available during fall. Animals, such as squirrels, collect them in preparation for hibernating throughout winter.

Activities, tips, and facts courtesy of Tinker Bell. Oh, and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. 

Fozzie’s Halloween Jokes & A Kermit The Frog Pumpkin Carving Stencil

With Halloween quickly approaching, here are some Muppet Halloween fun activities, starring Fozzie (with his jokes – cue the tomatoes!) and Kermit the Frog!

Download this fun Fozzie’s Very Best Halloween Jokes printable to share with friends, or to tuck into your child’s lunchbox on Halloween for lots of smiles!

What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?


How cute is this Kermit The Frog Pumpkin Carving Stencil? Download this stencil to create your own Muppets pumpkin!

And if your favorite Muppet is still deciding on a costume, try these on for size, ala The Muppets Saga…

Bella Swine, Vamphibian, and WereRowlf!


Muppets Halloween fun courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Halloween Safety Tips with Evil Genius Kaos From Skylanders Academy


Hey, kids…

Whether you dress-up as a heroic Skylander or an evil Doom-Raider this Halloween, it’s important to stay safe as you fill your trick-or-treat bag with yummy candy. Spyro and his heroic team are busy making their costumes, but everyone’s favorite evil genius Kaos has taken a break from being bad to share some Halloween safety tips with you. Be sure to share this video to make sure everyone has a scary good time while trick-or-treating!

1) Always trick-or-treat in a group.
2) Stay in a well-lit area.
3) Look both ways before crossing the street.
4) Use a flashlight or reflective tape.
5) Always have an adult check your candy.
6) Remember to brush your teeth.