Kids Testing Treat: Go Do Yo Best

It is that time of year again.  And this year, I have two babies taking standardized tests.  My Kindergartner has a full week of SAT-10 and my 5th grader has FSA / FCAT spread out from February through May.

I love doing encouragement testing treats for the sweet kids in their classes and thought I’d share.  You can do these for an entire class or just do a little something special for your own kiddos the morning(s) of testing.

This one would work great with any type of yogurt (I used the Gogurt tubes), yogurt smoothies, or yogurt covered raisins.

You can find the “Go Do Yo Best” tag (included in a set with other healthy treat tags) at Oh So Blessed.

For more ideas, follow my Classroom Testing board on Pinterest.

Fathers Day Reese’s Pieces Candy Jar Gift + Free Printable Tag

Fathers Day Dad We Love You To Pieces Reeses Candy Jar GiftEasy, peasy, yummy treat for Dad on his special day!

Father’s Day, Dad’s birthday, or just anytime you want to give him a little treat!

Fill a jar full of Reese’s Pieces and attach this tag for an instant gift!  I tied the tag on for this one, but you can also Mod Podge the tag right onto the top of the jar lid.


Fathers Day Dad We Love You To Pieces Reeses Candy Jar Gift Tags

Available for Dad, Grandpa, and a generic “Happy Father’s Day” to give to all the guys on your Father’s Day list!

~~~> Download the free printable Father’s Day Reese’s Pieces tags.

Be sure to check out my Father’s Day board on Pinterest for more great ideas for Dad… and follow me while you’re there.