Finding Dory Delivers With Laughs, Tears, and Great New Characters

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The long awaited sequel to Finding Nemo, the adventure of everyone’s favorite clownfish, is here.  Or at least it will be tomorrow, in theatres nationwide.  Sequels are always an iffy thing, and many times sequels to animated films just go straight to DVD / Blu-Ray release.

Finding Dory is everything a sequel should be – tying into the previous story, but adding a new adventure and new, equally as lovable, characters.

Without giving anything away – you really need to go see this one! – I just love the emphasis that shells play.  As a parent, there was a certain scene (the photo isn’t available for distribution yet due to it being a spoiler), with the shells that really tugged at the heart strings.

Disney Finding Dory Meet The Characters

Little Dory

Little “Little Blue” is probably my favorite new character in Finding Dory. She is just the cutest!  The movie opens with Dory as a child and throughout the movie there are small flashbacks.

Charlie and Jenny, Dory’s Parents

Disney Finding Dory CHARLIE and JENNY Dorys Parents

Through Dory’s flashbacks, we learn about her parents and her relationship with them as a child (and her early days having short term “remembery” loss. As in Finding Nemo, it is emphasized just how much a parent will go through for their child.

FUN FACT: Royal Blue Tangs can change color to a darker blue to warn others of danger.

Becky the Common Loon

Disney Finding Dory BECKY

Next to Little Dory, Becky is probably my favorite new character.  She’s a hoot!  She and Marlin develop a special bond, as the swimmers call on the flyers for a little help once again.

FUN FACT: Loons can dive more than 200 feet (61 meters) below the surface of the ocean in search of food.

Hank the Octopus

Disney Finding Dory HANK

Dory’s new friend is a seven-legged octopus (she calls him a septopus), Hank.  He’s had a rough go at life and longs for complete solitude.  He helps Dory in her journey, somewhat begrudgingly, and their friendship begins to take form.

FUN FACT: An octopus’ suckers have chemoreceptors that allow them to taste items before they reach their mouths.

Destiny the Whale Shark

Disney Finding Dory DESTINY

Destiny is a childhood friend of Dory’s.  They are reunited during Dory’s adventures and we get a little back story of Dory’s ability to speak whale.  Destiny has vision troubles and always seems to be bumping into things. This doesn’t stop her from helping when she is most needed, though.

FUN FACT: Whale sharks have small tooth-like scales called dermal denticles all over their bodies that help them swim faster and more efficiently.

Bailey the Beluga Whale

Disney Finding Dory BAILEY

Baily and Destiny are friends, with Destiny always trying to convince Bailey he has healed more than he wants to admit.  Bailey tries to help Destiny learn her environment, so she doesn’t bump into things so frequently.

FUN FACT: Belugas are nick-named “sea-canaries” because of the frequent bird-like vocalizations they make.

Fluke and Rudder the Sea Lions

Disney Finding Dory FLUKE and RUDDER

Fluke and Rudder have a bit of the comedian in them!  They’re not crazy about interlopers trying to get on their rock, however! Off! Off! OFF!!  Lounging seems to be their favorite activity, but they know just what to do when Marlin and Nemo need a little help finding Dory.

FUN FACT: Sea lions cannot pant or sweat, so they often rely on the cold ocean water to help them cool down.

Sea Otters

Disney Finding Dory SEA OTTERS

Included for their adorableness and “cuddle fests,” they also find themselves able to assist Dory (in a pretty big way, actually).

FUN FACT: Sea Otters have the densest fur among any mammal which they clean by biting, scratching, and rubbing up against abrasive surfaces.

Familiar Faces…..

Nemo and Marlin

Disney Finding Dory NEMO and MARLIN

Our favorite clownfish duo return!

FUN FACT: Clownfish have a mucus coating on their skin, that helps protect them from an anemone’s sting.

Royal Blue Tangs do not have this special coating, which Dory forgets about.  Ouch!

Mr. Ray the Spotted Eagle Ray

Disney Finding Dory MR RAY

Mr. Ray is still holding class!  Today’s lesson is stingray migration, which we’re able to get a glimpse of as they swim by (thanks to Mr. Ray knowing just the right spot to watch!).  Find more about migration in the Finding Dory Educator’s Guide.

FUN FACT: Spotted Eagle Rays are strong swimmers with the incredible ability to jump completely out of the water!

Crush and Squirt the Sea Turtles

Disney Finding Dory SQUIRT

A short but sweet reunion is had between these two and our adventuring trio.  As Dory prepares to set out in search of her parents, she asks Marlin if he knows how to get where she needs to go.  He says no, but tells her he “knows a guy.”

Disney Finding Dory CRUSH

More Sea Life Fun Facts….

Hermit Crab

FUN FACT: The body of a hermit crab is spiral shape.  This helps them fit into a new shell.

Giant Clam

FUN FACT: Once a giant clam stations itself to a spot on the reef, it will stay in that location throughout its lifetime.


FUN FACT: A squid’s mouth is actually shaped like a beak you would find on a bird.

Sea Urchin

FUN FACT: The name urchin is an old word for hedgehog.


The fun facts in this post can be found in the Finding Dory Educational Activity Packet, along with further information on the sea animals.

I was invited by Disney for a pre-theatre release press viewing of Finding Dory to facilitate this article.  Written thoughts and opinions, aside from the fun facts listed, are my own.

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