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Happy Fourth of July!

A little late….

We got home from the fire station late last night, I got the boys settled into bed, wrote this post and started editing pictures of the day for sharing.  And, let’s just say PicMonkey was not my friend as I tried putting the collage together.  :O  I finally quit and headed to bed.  Thankfully, it worked this morning!

My Facebook feed was filled all day with pics of jumbo waterslides, cookouts, lake shenanigans, fishing, fireworks, etc.  You know, the typical Fourth of July fare.  I’m sure yours was, too.  Friends and family getting together, enjoying this great day and each other’s company.

But, ours is a little different.  As it seems a lot of our holidays are.

Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely a great day.  Our family + our fire family + grilling out (just to a lesser degree) + happy memories made = a fantastic Fourth of July.

Holidays At The Fire Station July 4th Fire Wife Life RooneyPartyof4Fathers Day was a bit like this, too.  Holidays at the fire station are something of a tradition with us, actually.

And, not just the smaller ones.

We’ve done many Thanksgiving and Christmas Days at the fire house, too.

It isn’t every holiday, of course, but it is kind of our “normal.”

I’ll admit that it isn’t how I envisioned family holidays would be for our family.  I’m figuring I’m not the only fire wife who started out with visions of holidays a little different than how they are.

We were engaged just a few months when Patrick got on with the Fire Department.  The first year that his shift didn’t fall on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (a couple of years into our marriage), they passed down new assignments shortly before Christmas and his shift changed.

Overtime (at least in his department) ebbs and flows, and you pretty much take it when it is available.  There are dry seasons when it really isn’t available that much, so we tend to not look a gift horse in the mouth when it is.  And sometimes those OT days fall on holidays.  So, holidays at the station has basically become our thing.

I know it is different than how most of our friends and extended family celebrate the holidays – big and small – but we make it work.  Low key and many times the guys have to run calls throughout our visit, but we’re together and that is really what makes the day special, after all.


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