Spirit Riding Free Fun Kids Printables and Crafts

It’s time to saddle up because the second season of “Spirit Riding Free,” the hit Netflix original series from DreamWorks Animation Television, debuts Friday, September 8th.

This new season is more spirited than ever! As Lucky and Spirit settle into their new home in Miradero, along with Lucky’s best friends Pru and Abigail and their horses Chica Linda and Boomerang, the close-knit gang discover there are even more adventures to be had!  Whether they’re solving the mystery of missing pies, learning circus tricks from a neighboring cowboy, braving a blizzard with an unlikely companion or tangling with Lucky’s mischievous cousin Julian (voiced by High School Musical and Switched at Birth‘s Lucas Grabeel), the PALs always find a way to put friendship, laughter and fun first.

Check out the fun printables below (click the link to download):

Spirit Riding Free Season 1 Activity Pages

* Make your own friendship frame
* Make your own friendship bracelets
* Maze
* Wordsearch
* Riders / horses match up
* Spirit and Lucky coloring sheet
* Pru and Chica Linda coloring sheet
* Abigail and Boomerang coloring sheet

Spirit Riding Free Season 2 Activity Pages

* Color the Pals coloring sheet
* Fortune Teller (“Cootie Catcher”) foldable game
* Learn to draw Spirit
* Campfire Adventure Fill In The Blank Story
* Decorate Your Own Horseshoe (print on cardstock for sturdier crafting)
* Maze

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Kingdom Keepers: The Return Book Series + Free Printable Bookmarks

Kingom Keepers The Return Book Series and Free Printable BookmarkGraduation from high school has left five kids who worked for Disney on separate tracks.  Nicknamed the Kingdom Keepers for having battled the Disney villains, and won, Finn, Philby, Charlene, Maybeck, and Willa will soon be off to college.

But not so fast…

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Book One: Disney Lands

AR Level 4.6 ~ 8 points

With the defeat of the Overtakers behind them, the five teenagers known as the Kingdom Keepers should be celebrating. By all accounts they saved Disneyland from certain destruction. Why then did their mentor leave one last puzzle for them to decipher? In The Return Book One: Disney Lands, the Keepers must solve a puzzle of the past, or be crushed under an evil that makes the Overtakers seem like gentle souls.

Book Two: Legacy of Secrets

AR Level 5.0 ~ 11 points

Disneyland, Opening Day, 1955. In The Return Book Two: Legacy of Secrets, when five present-day teenagers known as the Kingdom Keepers find themselves thrown into a past that would make anyone envious, things don’t exactly work out the way they’d hoped. Finn, Charlene, Maybeck, Willa, and Philby open a door into a place and a time when the legend of the Disney parks is just starting.

They are there, in 1955, to retrieve Walt Disney’s infamous pen that once saved the parks as we know them. But like all things Disney, nothing is as it seems. The early days of the Tower of Terror, the origin of the Overtakers (Disney villains), and the real power of magic unfold in an unexpected series of events that propel both the Keepers and Disney itself into a darkness no one saw coming.

Along the way, the Keepers visit Walt Disney’s hilltop home, Disneyland’s opening day and reception, and find themselves separated from friends sixty years away. The three Fairlies, young women in Disney’s School of Imagineering, girls with astonishing powers of their own, have unmasked a long-buried secret that threatens the lives of their friends as well as everything Walt Disney worked for.

Free Kingdom Keepers Printable Bookmarks!

Head over to Kingdom Keepers Insiders to print your own Kingdom Keepers Insiders bookmarks

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Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Fun Printable Kids Activities

Alice Through The Looking Glass Kids Printables Activity PackDisney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Fun Printable Kids Activities:

Alice Through The Looking Glass Bookmarks Printable Activity
6 pages, full color.  Print on cardstock for best results.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Coloring Sheets Printable Activity
5 pages.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Maze Printable Activity
1 page, full color.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Spot The Difference Printable Activity
1 page, full color.

Alice Through The Looking Glass GIANT Underland Jigsaw Map Printable Activity
21 pages, full (muted) color.  Print on cardstock and mount on poster board for best results.

Movie Synopsis:

Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) has spent the past three years living her dream and sailing the high seas as captain of her own ship. Upon her return to London, she finds that, while much has changed in her absence, the antiquated views as to women’s role in society still remain and the future she envisioned for herself may no longer be possible.

While attending a reception at the home of Lord Ascot, Alice causes a scene and flees to the parlour, where she spots Absolem (Alan Rickman), who is now a blue Monarch butterfly, and follows him to a magical looking glass, through which she is able to return to the fantastical realm of Underland.

There, she is reunited with her friends the Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry), the dormouse (Barbara Windsor), the March Hare (Paul Whitehouse), Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Matt Lucas) and the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), who, unfortunately, is not himself. Or as the White Rabbit (Michael Sheen) says, “The Hatter’s the matter.” You’ve been gone too long, Alice.

There are matters which might benefit from your attention. Friends cannot be neglected…hurry.

Convinced his family is still alive, the Hatter has lost his Muchness, and Mirana (Anne Hathaway), the White Queen, needs Alice’s help. In order to save him, Alice must seek out Time himself (Sacha Baron Cohen).

A peculiar creature that is part human, part clock, Time lives in a void of infinitude and possesses the Chronosphere, a metallic globe which Alice must borrow in order to go back in time and save the Hatter’s family.

Meanwhile, Iracebeth (Helena Bonham Carter) remains in exile, having been banished by her sister to the Outlands, where she has befriended Time and is plotting to steal the Chronosphere for herself.

Alice returns to the past, crossing paths with friends and enemies at different points in their lives, and sets off on a perilous race across the Oceans of Time to escape the Red Queen and Time and save the Hatter… before time runs out.

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