When You Know It is Time For A New Garmin

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I love my Garmin.  Like lurvvvve, love.

Honestly, I don’t do well with verbal directions that use phrases like “turn east” where the road ends.  And around here, sometimes directions go somewhat like, “turn right at the old barn, next to the Wilson place, then go about yea far and go right at the split.” OK, not really, but sometimes those type of phrases sneak into directions.

The Garmin is especially awesome on vacations and road trips.  No stress trying to figure out which exit to get off on, making wrong turns in an unfamiliar city, etc.  Then there’s that great feature that shows you the time to beat how long that leg of the trip will take.  I’ll sometimes use the Garmin just for a time estimate, even if I don’t need it for directions.

Like all technology, sometimes you have to concede that it is time to upgrade.  I have reached that moment with my Garmin, for sure. I’ve had mine for a long time and it has been awesome, but not everything always works like it did when it was brand spanking new.

Sometimes that little X you tap to cancel the route just isn’t there at all (technology likes to mess with me, so it could be a conspiracy, but I’m sure its mostly age).  Sometimes it is there.  Again, mostly age, but I still tend to think a small part of it just wants to mess with me.

Roads… thinking ones are there that really aren’t (because they didn’t get put in as proposed) and new roads or changes to roads do not show correctly.  I know, I know, you are supposed to be able to download new road information, but I’m not sure if older models (we don’t need to age shame, but mine has been around for a bit) will necessarily support the newer downloads / features.

Annnnnnnnd, most importantly…… Bells. and. whistles.  Because shiny and new.  When you have a piece of technology for awhile, you don’t realize how much they upgrade, update, and reconfigure while you are cruising along using technology that is getting more and more outdated.

My Garmin works great to this day, but sometimes you really just need to update the technology.  I’m sorta frugal (it sounds a little nicer than saying flat out cheap, haha!), so I sometimes gasp at prices (also because my eye tends to move toward the pricier, prettier models – it’s a struggle, haha).

So, I was pretty excited to come across these Groupon Garmin coupons and coupon codes. It is pretty much already Christmas shopping time (I just picked up a bunch of stuff yesterday, so the cousins’ gift shopping are almost done – score!), so I’m thinking now is a good time to start my heavy hinting… or just go buy it for myself.  #MerryChristmastome


Rooney, Party of 4 was compensated for this post, but seriously, y’all. I do love my Garmin. 

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